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Chess Lessons in Las Vegas

Atanas Kolev is an International Chess Grandmaster with more than 35 years of practice as a chess player and coach. His highest FIDE rating is 2602, January 2012. GM Kolev has participated in many international tournaments around the world and has achieved a remarkable milestone - 61 victories. He played for Bulgarian National Team four Olympiads and was a Champion of Bulgaria.

As a chess trainer he has been working since 2004 when became a coach of Bulgarian Women’s National Team and helped ex–World Champion GM Antoaneta Stefanova and some of the most famous Bulgarian Grandmasters. In the last years Kolev works with talented young players. One of his students (Denitsa Dragieva, born 1996) became World Individual School champion in 2013 and the Bulgarian Chess Federation has proclaimed him the Honored Coach of 2013 as a sign of his great results. After receiving a green card in a category entitled “aliens of extraordinary ability”, he currently lives in Las Vegas and has many students at different ages.

Atanas Kolev loves teaching chess to children and firmly believes that the skills taught in chess contribute to the concentration and analytical skills the kids will need to be successful in school.

Playing and studying chess improves critical and strategy thinking, intuition, organization, patience, and decision-making processes, which all help both adults and children obtain better results in their professional activities.

You can have a World class chess teacher as your personal coach and a chess course tailored especially to you.

Training can be conducted as it is most convenient for you - at his place (Las Vegas), at your place or online on the Internet (via Skype and ICC).

Grandmaster Kolev speaks fluently English, Spanish, Russian, Serbian and Bulgarian (native). It depends on you which language to be used to conduct the lessons.

Training like a Grandmaster in a professional way will allow you to reach your peak potential!

All information about Grandmaster Kolev and his career you can find on:


For direct contact: 702-330-1850

If you want to learn chess, it’s up to you to choose the best!